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Quick change for centrifuge filter cloth

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How many engineers does it take to change a filter cloth? KMPT has the simple and fast answer with their new pharmaceutical design horizontal centrifuge

How many engineers does it take to change a filter cloth We can all laugh at the jokes about how many social workers, blondes, bank managers and others it takes to change a lightbulb but there can be few production or maintenance engineers who joke about changing a centrifuge filter cloth

However Krauss Maffei Process Technology may be able to provide the last laugh for engineers whose task this is.

In a recent timed trial, performed for a customer, it took only 2 minutes and 30 seconds to change the filter cloth on a Krauss Maffei Process Technology (KMPT) pharmaceutical design horizontal centrifuge.

When compared to filter cloth change times for other manufacturers centrifuges of about one hour, this quick change potential in the KMPT centrifuge offers a considerable reduction in machine downtime and engineer deployment.

The trial was overseen by a leading Italian manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients and involved no tricks or sleight of hand, just 7 basic steps to change the filter cloth: unlock the housing, open the housing, remove filter cloth, remove new filter cloth from package, install new filter cloth, close housing and finally lock housing.

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